Change Comes When We Lead with Love: Translation to Practice

In this session, Dr. Forest will explore how both personal and societal dark times can lead us into feelings of despair, sadness, and helplessness. How can we tap into hope? By using mindful narratives of our experiences, we can begin to improve that which we have control and identify that which requires structural change. The solipsism of thinking ‘self‐care’ is enough can lead us into thinking we are alone in our experience and can contribute to dysphoria. In order to effect change, data supports 'leading from love’ by seeking vulnerability, true understanding, active listening, and radical acts of compassion. Ever practical, seasoned, funny (at times), and idealistic, Dr. Forest will share her story in hopes to inspire others to take care of themselves and to lead with love so we can all change the world for the better.


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Available Credit

  • 2.00 AAFP Prescribed
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